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When is the best time to drink THRIVE Recovery IPA?

Our Recovery IPA was developed as a tasty alternative to your regular after sports recovery shake. Therefore, it is best enjoyed ice cold after sports, when it provides your body with the required nutrition for recovery. That said, you can perfectly enjoy a THRIVE without exercising first, as protein and carbs fit perfectly within a balanced diet. And there is no alcohol so nothing can hold you back. Here at THRIVE we even enjoy our Recovery IPA during work!

How to enjoy THRIVE?

Ice cold baby! Poor it into a fancy glass or straight from the can, whatever tickles your fancy.

You say THRIVE is non-alcoholic, but the packaging says there is <0.3% ABV. What’s up with that?

Well spotted! There is indeed a tiny bit of alcohol in our beer. This is because our beer is not dealcoholized like many 0.0% beers. Instead, we use a special yeast to brew our beer that produces practically no alcohol (but nonetheless a tiny bit) during fermentation. This results in such a great tasting non-alcoholic beer.

But why do you call it non-alcoholic then? Well, by law every beer with less than <0.5% ABV is considered a non-alcoholic beer. We are way below this limit.

Look at it this way: to consume the same amount of alcohol as you find in a regular 5% ABV beer, you would have to consume about 17 cans or bottles of THRIVE at once. That’s absurd even for our standards.

Fun fact: there is also a tiny bit of alcohol in a lot of your regular nutrition: think of fruit juice, a ripe banana, kombucha, bread, …

What are the ingredients of your beer?

Our THRIVE Recovery IPA contains the following ingredients:

  • water
  • barley malt
  • hydrolyzed whey protein (may contain residual lactose)
  • hops
  • yeast

Put simply: the same ingredients as any other beer, with the addition of whey protein.

What about the nutritional values?

Per 100 ml ; 330 ml:

  • Energy (kcal/kj): 29/122 ; 96/403
  • Fat (g): <0.2 ; <0.2
  • Carbohydrates (g): 4.1 ; 13.5
    • of which sugars (g): 2.8 ; 9.2
  • Protein (g): 3.0 ; 10.0
  • Salt (g): <0.1 ; <0.1

I can only purchase cans on your website. What about bottles?

At THRIVE we care about your health, but also the health of our planet. Because of this we have chosen to only ship our beers in cans. They are better for the environment (endlessly recyclable, lower shipping volume and weight) and are actually a superior container that will keep our beer fresher.

We will be releasing bottles as well, but these will be reserved for offline locations such as your favourite sports café.

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